Making backups and migrating data

With Tutor, all data are stored in a single folder. This means that it’s extremely easy to migrate an existing platform to a different server. For instance, it’s possible to configure a platform locally on a laptop, and then move this platform to a production server.

  1. Make sure tutor is installed on both servers with the same version.

  2. Stop any running platform on server 1:

    tutor local stop
  3. Transfer the configuration, environment, and platform data from server 1 to server 2:

    sudo rsync -avr "$(tutor config printroot)/" username@server2:/tmp/tutor/
  4. On server 2, move the data to the right location:

    mv /tmp/tutor "$(tutor config printroot)"
  5. Start the instance with:

    tutor local start -d

Making database dumps

To dump all data from the MySQL and Mongodb databases used on the platform, run the following commands:

tutor local exec \
    -e USERNAME="$(tutor config printvalue MYSQL_ROOT_USERNAME)" \
    -e PASSWORD="$(tutor config printvalue MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD)" \
    mysql sh -c 'mysqldump --all-databases --user=$USERNAME --password=$PASSWORD > /var/lib/mysql/dump.sql'
tutor local exec mongodb mongodump --out=/data/db/dump.mongodb

The dump.sql and dump.mongodb files will be located in $(tutor config printroot)/data/mysql and $(tutor config printroot)/data/mongodb.